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Varicondition DX is an easy to install, energy-efficient cooling solution for server rooms. The product is designed to cool your IT hardware in a professional and reliable manner. Furthermore, its precision cooling is a far superior alternative to more traditional cooling solutions.

Varicondition DX is designed for SME businesses and corporate organisations with local server rooms and SERs. The cooling solution is suitable for installation between 19” racks and does not necessary require a raised floor. The cooling unit is directly placed near your valuable IT-equipment. This shortens the air distribution path significantly, improving reliability and saving energy cost.


A traditional DX (comfort) solution is not a particularly energyefficient means of cooling a server room. Such systems cause a great deal of undesired mixture of hot and cold airflows. The Varicondition DX unit, however, prevents such mixture entirely, thus providing huge savings and a more predictable result. Moreover, the Varicondition DX unit is equipped with various energy-saving technologies, such as an inverter compressor, variable fans and the efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A. This readily enables energy savings of 20 to 40%. The system is therefore entirely in keeping with Minkels’ objective, as an Endorser of the Code of Conduct on Data Centre Energy Efficiency, of operating in an energy efficient, environmentally aware and socially responsible manner. Varicondition DX can also be combined with other proven technologies, such as Cold CorridorsR, to reduce energy consumption even further. This yields significant benefits, even when used in fairly small server rooms.


The traditional DX solutions were developed for an entirely different application, and therefore pay no consideration to the requirements of an IT environment. Different requirements apply in a server room, with regard to compressors, temperature control, refrigerant and air flow. Minkels R&D department therefore developed the Varicondition DX system with these requirements in mind.

The Varicondition DX system comprises an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is installed in the server room and connected to the outdoor unit by means of refrigerant pipes. These pipes can be connected to either the base or top of the indoor unit, offering considerable flexibility in terms of physical layout of the server room. The system can also be applied in various setups: closed loop, open loop and hybrid loop. 


The compact Varicondition DX outdoor unit is fitted with an energyefficient inverter compressor. The inverter compressor has a low starting current, preventing peak loads on the power distribution system. The energy-efficient compressor continually adapts its frequency and therefore the cooling capacity to meet the actual demand. This solution is therefore more efficient, while the system ensures that no temperature fluctuations take place in your server room. Furthermore, the Varicondition DX outdoor unit uses the energy-efficient coolant R410A.

Download here the Varicondition-DX brochure.



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