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Minkels Fix Easy shelves

This shelf has a variable depth, so installation no longer depends on the distance between the 19"-profiles. When developing the shelf, emphasis was put on quick and easy installation, which now takes no time at all. Special plastic clips ensure the shelf is fixed on the 19"-profiles, no tools required!

An extra set of 4 fixation clips is available, part. no is MFE0020.

Weight capacity is based on a maximum rail extension of 150 mm. Shelves with a depth of 650 mm or more will also be available in black RAL 9011.

CodeDepth (mm)Construction depthMaximum weight (kg)Useable spaceColour
MFE0001250250 - 40050447 x 250RAL 7047
MFE0002350350 - 50050447 x 350RAL 7047
MFE0003500500 - 65050447 x 500RAL 7047
MFE0004650650 - 80040447 x 650RAL 7047
MFE0004B650650 - 80040447 x 650RAL 9011
MFE0003B500500 - 65050447 x 500RAL 9011

What's in a box?

1 shelf, 2 guiding rails, 4 fixation clips