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VariCondition-H2O helps you to solve high density challenges in the most energy efficient and cost-effective way.






Minkels offers a complete ‘row-based cooling’ portfolio. The “Row-based” cooling units are placed between the 19” server racks and offer a very effective and flexible way of obtaining reliable cooling. When complemented by Minkels full product portfolio, this can be combined to create a complete ‘state-of-the-art’ solution.

Over the last few years row-based cooling in server rooms and data-centres has really taken off. There are a number of fundamental advantages of this type of cooling with respect to traditional cooling with raised floors and computer room air conditioners (CRAC).

  • The IT equipment (source of heat) and the cooling system stand much closer together. This results in shorter air distribution paths and means substantially lower energy consumption with the fans.
  • The cooling air can be distributed better within the volume to be cooled. This results in greater reliability of the cooling equipment and less chance of ‘hot spots’ emerging.
  • Scalability / expandability. The cooling equipment can easily grow with the actual cooling requirements. Therefore investment is only required where there is an actual need for more capacity.
  • Compact design so that raised floors are no longer required.
    Row-based cooling also offers new opportunities in existing situations. For example, this could include building High-Density zones in a data-centre designed for Low-Density applications.

Being an endorser of the European Code of Conduct for Data-centres,
Minkels is focussing strongly on minimising the energy consumption of its products. Therefore all the VariCondtion – H2O cooling units are fitted with variable speed, low-energy fans, proportional water valves, optimised internal air flows and smart control technology. 

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