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LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LED tubes for a safe and healthy working environment

Minkels energy-efficient LED Tubes deliver improved visibility in data centres, providing a safer and healthier working environment. Safety certification to the highest level, IEC 62471:2006, offers the user a guarantee of exceptional eye protection. These LED Tubes are optimised for both Next Generation and Free Standing Corridors.

Main features of Minkels LED lighting

  • Energy efficiency – leds (light emitting diodes) are small, solid Lamps, highly energy-efficient and with an extremely long service life.
  • Safety guarantee - official iec 62471:2006 certification means that this product complies with the most stringent safety Requirements in the area of eye protection.
  • Powerful illumination – 335 lux, delivering optimal working conditions in accordance with standard en12464-1.
  • Simple installation - installing an led tube is simplicity itself thanks to the clever magnetic attachment system.
  • Flexibility - suitable for a wide range of rack formats and Cold Corridor layouts, with options to rotate the installation position.
  • Integrated lighting - the recesses for the leds, the connection cables and the small cover caps to conceal the cables give these units the appearance of a unified whole.

The experts at Minkels are happy to advise you about the best solution for your specific situation

Download here the LED brochure / datasheet



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