TODAY  vrijdag 24 maart 2017
Server, Patch and Co-location racks
Wall enclosures
Monitoring & Security
Power distribution
Mounting material

The screws are designed for the use in your MWE wall enclosure. The kit quantity is for one enclosure.

The plastic click fasteners can be used to assemble a power strip against the rear side. For this you need four fasteners.

Caged nuts for mounting applications. They can be mounted in the holes in the front and back of the 19-inch profiles.

MWEXS01SteelPlate screws - (22 pieces)
MWETN01PlasticClick fasteners for power strip mounting
MFM0001SteelCage nuts M5 - (20 pieces)GalvanisedM5
MFM0003SteelCage nuts M6 - (20 pieces)GalvanisedM6
MFM0010PlasticDecorative screws with washer (black) M5 - (20 pieces)M5 X 16
MFM0012PlasticDecorative screws with washer (black) M6 - (20 pieces)M6 X 16