TODAY  vrijdag 24 maart 2017

VARICONTROL-L: Rack Security


IT infrastructures are vulnerable. Securing the access to data and equipment doesn’t stop at the door of a datacentre
or computer room. Rack-level security is becoming more and more important for organizations, in part driven by an
increasing awareness of vulnerability as well as stricter laws and regulations. Commercial datacentres in
particular are showing enormous growth in their demand for security solutions. An important part of this demand
is generated by the needs and more stringent requirements in datacentre security from the customers of these
collocation services.


Minkels VariControl-L is a datacentre security product line with three
different solutions in rack security, varying in intelligence and closely
aligned with a wide range of client-specific needs.

VariControl HID-Direct is ideal for racks that are spread over a larger
area with connectivity via a single network. VariControl HID-485 is a smart and cost-efficient solution for centralised datacentres, for environments with no more than32
handles that share a single gateway on the network.

VariControl-L Basic can be integrated into an existing building management or access control system. VariControl-L Basic opens a rack upon receiving a signal from an authorised user via the host system. Moreover, the Basic handle can also be connected to a HID handle, thus functioning as a slave. Depending on the access status of the HID handle, the Basic will also open or close automatically. The advantages of this ‘master-slave’ combination is the simplified management, cabling and cost savings.


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