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VariControl-L accessoires

Minkels supplies the VariControl-L HID Admin Suite, with the VariControl-L HID rack security concept. It is a software solution that can handle the management and administration of the intelligent VariControl-L HID rack security systems. The software solution is installed on a centralised server and can communicate over the network (Ethernet) with all the locks and corresponding devices. The software solution can centrally manage the configuration and administration of the authorisation policy and the users, handles, HID cards and related accessories.

Delivery time to be advised

  • Sensor ports = -
  • Dry-contact ports = -
  • Camera ports = -
  • Extension ports = -
  • Pro =
MEL0114VariControl-L HID-485, Gateway V3 configuration cable
MEL0111VariControl-L HID, configurations cable - serial
MEL0115VariControl-L HID proximity card
MEL0118VariControl-L Battery pack (EU) for external power of the HID swivel handle
MEL0119VariControl-L Battery pack (UK) for external power of the HID swivel handle
MEL0120VariControl-L Administration Suite management software
MEL0121VariControl-L Desktop Reader with IP-port
MEL0122VariControl-L HID-485, Gateway V3
MRM0128VariControl-S magnetic door switch