TODAY  vrijdag 24 maart 2017
Server, Patch and Co-location racks
Wall enclosures
Monitoring & Security
Power distribution
Environmental sensors

Environmental sensors measure the environment of the IT equipment and are connected to the VariControl-S controllers.

  • Sensor ports = -
  • Dry-contact ports = -
  • Camera ports = -
  • Extension ports = -
  • Pro =
MRM0101VariControl-S temperature sensor with a fixed cable (1 m)
MRM0102VariControl-S temperature sensor with a fixed cable (2.5 m)
MRM0109VariControl-S air flow sensor
MRM0117VariControl-S humidity and temperature sensor
MRM0118VariControl-S temperature sensor
MRM0122VariControl-S temperature sensor (daisy chain to a maximum of 8 sensors) - only works when used with a pro controller

What's in a box?

incl. mounting material. Delivery time to be advised