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Server, Patch and Co-location racks
Wall enclosures
Monitoring & Security
Power distribution
Security sensors

The security sensors monitor access to the data centre or the alarm status of the equipment.

  • Pro =
CodeDescriptionSensor portsDry-contact portsCamera portsExtension ports
MRM0105VariControl-S water leak detector with a fixed cable (4.5 m)----
MRM0111VariControl-S smoke alarm----
MRM0110VariControl-S motion detector----
MRM0119VariControl-S siren & flashing light----
MRM0124VariControl-S dry contact sensor with 8 ports (only in combination with the Pro controller)----
MRM0128VariControl-S magnetic door switch----
MRM0130VariControl-S universal camera (USB)----
MRM0131VariControl-S dome camera with pan/tilt controls (USB)----
MRM0125VariControl-S water leak detector with a fixed cable (30 m)----
MRM0127VariControl-S water leak detection loop (3 m)----
MRM0126VariControl-S water leak detection loop extension (3 m).----
MRM0132VariControl-S dry-contact sensor (adaptor)

What's in a box?

incl. mounting material. Delivery time to be advised