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Airflow optimisation package

Minkels currently offers  a wide range of airflow optimisation kits: Basic, Standard, Plus and VED.

These kits reduce air flow losses to a minimum resulting energy efficiency improvement.

Basic: Metal 0-300 mm

Standard: Metal and foam 0-150 mm

Plus: Metal foam and foil 0-300 mm

VED: Compatible with Minkels Vertical Exhaust Duct system. Based on Plus package

The airflow optimisation kits cannot be retrofitted. However, they can be configured in a rack using our Sales Configurator. Our sales department can provide you with further information.

CodeUnit (U)Width (mm)ColourAir flow optimisation
MCS090641600RAL 7047Basic
MCS0906B41600RAL 9011Basic
MCS091641800RAL 7047Basic
MCS0916B41800RAL 9011Basic
MCS090746600RAL 7047Basic
MCS0907B46600RAL 9011Basic
MCS091746800RAL 7047Basic
MCS0917B46800RAL 9011Basic
MCS090850600RAL 7047Basic
MCS0908B50600RAL 9011Basic
MCS091850800RAL 7047Basic
MCS0918B50800RAL 9011Basic
MCS092641600RAL 7047Standard
MCS0926B41600RAL 9011Standard
MCS093641800RAL 7047Standard
MCS0936B41800RAL 9011Standard
MCS092746600RAL 7047Standard
MCS0927B46600RAL 9011Standard
MCS093746800RAL 7047Standard
MCS0937B46800RAL 9011Standard
MCS092850600RAL 7047Standard
MCS0928B50600RAL 9011Standard
MCS093850800RAL 7047Standard
MCS0938B50800RAL 9011Standard
MCS094641600RAL 7047Plus
MCS0946B41600RAL 9011Plus
MCS095641800RAL 7047Plus
MCS0956B41800RAL 9011Plus
MCS094746600RAL 7047Plus
MCS0947B46600RAL 9011Plus
MCS095746800RAL 7047Plus
MCS0957B46800RAL 9011Plus
MCS094850600RAL 7047Plus
MCS0948B50600RAL 9011Plus
MCS095850800RAL 7047Plus
MCS0958B50800RAL 9011Plus
MCS096641600RAL 7047VED
MCS0966B41600RAL 9011VED
MCS096741800RAL 7047VED
MCS0967B41800RAL 9011VED
MCS096846600RAL 7047VED
MCS0968B46600RAL 9011VED
MCS097646800RAL 7047VED
MCS0976B46800RAL 9011VED
MCS097750600RAL 7047VED
MCS0977B50600RAL 9011VED
MCS097850800RAL 7047VED
MCS0978B50800RAL 9011VED

What's in a box?

Side skirts, Side skirts side panels, top and bottom plate and all other products for airflow optimisation including mounting material.