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Baying kit

The baying kit is used to connect two cabinets. Different combinations of internal baying bushes and external baying plates are available. The external baying plate can be mounted outside at the height profiles and is invisible when the door is closed. At least 2 connection points should be used in front and back.

  • Diameter = M4
MFM0055RAL 7047Set for internal and external baying - set of 6
MFM0055BRAL 9011Set for internal and external baying - set of 6
MFM0056RAL 7047Baying set external - set of 6
MFM0056BRAL 9011Baying set external - set of 6
MFM0057Blue passivatedBaying kit internal - set of 6

What's in a box?

Incl. mounting material