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Cable bridges can be use for traversing hot or cold aisles. The cable bridge is compatible with both narrow and broad cable ducts, and can also be used in combination with a Cold Corridor. Cable bridges are available in three sizes for traversing aisles measuring between 990 mm and 1750 mm, between 1235 mm and 2000 mm and between 2000 mm and 3700 mm (from cable duct to cable duct). The cable bridges are fitted with a telescopic system so that they can be adjusted to bridge the distance between one cable duct and another without needing to be sawn to size. The cable bridges can be installed at various distances along the aisle. Cable bridges can be used for reducing the number of branches from the main source, or for achieving interconnectivity within the Cold Corridor, for instance. Several bridges may used, depending on the required capacity, or to segregate different cables. The cable bridges are available in the RAL colours 7047 and 9011.

  • Capacity (mm) = 150
  • Material = Steel
  • Finishing = Powder coated
  • Height (mm) = 120
CodeColourApplicable width
MCM0306RAL 7047990 mm to 1750 mm
MCM0306BRAL 9011990 mm to 1750 mm
MCM0307RAL 70471235 mm to 2000 mm
MCM0307BRAL 90111235 mm to 2000 mm
MCM0308RAL 70472000 mm to 3700 mm
MCM0308BRAL 90112000 mm to 3700 mm

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