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Cable cleats

The cable cleats ensure optimum cabling efficiency. Cable cleats are 75 mm long. The cable cleats can be extended by locking one cleat on top of another (length of 2 units: 150 mm / length of 3 units: 225 mm). The maximum bearing capacity of three cable cleats mounted on top of each other is 15 kg if the weight is distributed evenly. The 60 mm diameter is particularly suitable for glass fiber cables.

Flame class: UL94-V0

  • Material = Polyamide
  • Colour = RAL 5015
MCM20102 cleats including 2U mounting plate RAL 7047
MCM2010B2 cleats including 2U mounting plate RAL 9011
MCM20111 cleat (can be ordered separately)

What's in a box?

2U mounting plate including cleats and fixing materials