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Co-Location cabinets

Minkels compartmented co-location cabinets are an ideal means of housing several end-clients in the same cabinet, while ensuring they are safely segregated. You have the choice of 2 or 4-compartment cabinets. Minkels co-location cabinets also comprise two compartments (2x 2U) for the datacenter owner, in which monitoring solutions and power strips, etc., can be installed.

Each compartment in the 4-compartment cabinet is 10 U, while in the 2-compartment cabinet each is 20 U. The compartments are completely segregated by means of a fixed platform, while each has its own shielded data & power cable duct. In the event that the datacenter owner no longer requires segregated compartments, then the co-location cabinet can be converted into a cabinet without compartments. The co-location cabinet can also be converted from a 2-compartment to a 4-compartment cabinet and vice versa.

Furthermore, the 80% perforated doors ensure that your equipment receives an ample supply of cooling air.

The cabinets have a loadbearing capacity of 1500 kg.

There are three or four slots in the top of the co-location cabinet, in which you can fit various insert modules.

Side panels are not supplied as standard, as the co-location cabinets are very often linked together. Side panels can naturally be ordered separately for a stand-alone cabinet or one to be placed at the end of a row.

The co-location cabinet is supplied as standard without a swivel handle grip. Various locking systems are available and can be ordered separately .

  • Height (mm) = 2200
  • Unit (U) = 46
CodeWidth (mm)Depth (mm)ColourDescription
MCL202260106001000RAL 70472 sections (2x20U)
MCL212260106001000RAL 90112 sections (2x20U)
MCL402260106001000RAL 70474 sections (4x10U)
MCL412260106001000RAL 90114 sections (4x10U)
MCL202260126001200RAL 70472 sections (2x20U)
MCL212260126001200RAL 90112 sections (2x20U)
MCL402260126001200RAL 70474 sections (4x10U)
MCL412260126001200RAL 90114 sections (4x10U)
MCL202280108001000RAL 70472 sections (2x20U)
MCL212280108001000RAL 90112 sections (2x20U)
MCL402280108001000RAL 70474 sections (4x10U)
MCL412280108001000RAL 90114 sections (4x10U)
MCL202280128001200RAL 70472 sections (2x20U)
MCL212280128001200RAL 90112 sections (2x20U)
MCL402280128001200RAL 70474 sections (4x10U)
MCL412280128001200RAL 90114 sections (4x10U)