TODAY  woensdag 29 maart 2017
Server, Patch and Co-location racks
Wall enclosures
Monitoring & Security
Power distribution
Depth posts t/b 800mm (w)

Set of 2 or 4 depth posts to help assembly and adjustment of the 19-inch profiles. The depth posts are mounted on the top and bottom window. Depth posts are suitable for large servers.

  • Location = Depth
  • Material = Sheet metal
  • Finishing = Galvanised
  • Colour = Blue
CodeDepth (mm)Description
MPR01606004 Depth posts
MPR01618004 Depth posts
MPR01629004 Depth posts
MPR016310004 Depth posts
MPR016412004 Depth posts
MPR01906002 Depth posts
MPR01918002 Depth posts
MPR01929002 Depth posts
MPR019310002 Depth posts
MPR019412002 Depth posts

What's in a box?

2 or 4 depth posts incl. mounting material