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Double doors 80% ventilated

Two-leaf steel plate door, 80% ventilated to create airflow to or from your equipment. The double door provides easy access to the cabinet, with a minimum turning circle.

A lock for the swivel handle is ordered separately. Hinges are included.

  • Material = Sheet metal
  • Finishing = Powder coated
CodeWidth (mm)ColourUnit (U)
MDD7006600RAL 704741
MDD7007600RAL 704746
MDD7106800RAL 704741
MDD7107800RAL 704746
MDD7006B600RAL 901141
MDD7007B600RAL 901146
MDD7106B800RAL 901141
MDD7107B800RAL 901146
MDD7108800RAL 704750
MDD7108B800RAL 901150
MDD7008600RAL 704750
MDD7008B600RAL 901150

What's in a box?

1 door, consists of a left and right turning part, 6 hinges, incl. mounting material