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VARICONTROL-S: Environmental Monitoring System



Organisations are becoming increasingly dependent on computer systems. A very high uptime is one of the primary requirements for an ICT infrastructure. Absolutely ideal is a computer system that is 100% available, running 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, that ideal can never be achieved. 99% availability may sound impressive, but it still means that your system is down for an average of 15 min each day, which translates into almost 4 days a year. Malfunctions in your computer system and networks can bring your business operations to a standstill. The product range of Minkels includes a monitoring product line that supplements an under-exposed aspect of the uptime guarantee: the Minkels VariControl-S System. 


The Minkels VariControl-S system can monitor the direct surroundings of your racks. Its efficient and modular structure makes it suitable for a single rack or a complete server room. The Minkels VariControl-S system can of course be seamlessly integrated and managed with your existing Network Management Software. Various products are available within the VariControl-S theories. All product work in exactly the same way. The different versions are characterised by the number of ports. A distinction is hereby made between intelligent ports and so-called dry contact ports. The intelligent ports are used for measuring temperature, humidity and airflow, for example. The dry contact ports, on the other hand, are simple on/off contacts, which can be used for various functions, including the readout of CRAC or UPS systems, or used as door contacts.

In case of disasters, the appropriate persons can be alarmed in different ways: e-mail, SMS, Web interface and SNMP. In this way, VariControl-S gives you peace of mind about the conditions in your computer and server rooms.

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