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Minkels Fix Easy front panels (mix)

When developing the front panel, emphasis was put on quick and easy installation, which now takes no time at all. Special plastic fasteners ensure the front panel is fixed between the 19-inch profiles, no tools required!

The front panels are available in RAL 7047 and RAL 9011.

The mix contains:

24 panels 1U = 24U

24 panels 2U = 48U

24 panels 3U = 72U

16 panels 6U = 96U

In total 240 U

  • Material = Steel
  • 19-inch = Yes
  • Finishing = Powder coated
  • Description = Mix of front panels (240 U in total)
MFE1120RAL 7047
MFE1120BRAL 9011

What's in a box?

The mix contains different front panels incl. plastic fasteners