TODAY  woensdag 29 maart 2017


The ultimate flexible solution for a phased Cold Corridor implementation



Minkels has expanded its product portfolio with the Free Standing Cold Corridor®, an ultra-modular and costefficient, free standing aisle containment system. This free standing system offers pay-as-you-grow options for separating warm and cold air flows in an energy efficient manner, enabling investments in racks to be spread out over time. All modular product options for the Next Generation Cold Corridor® introduced last year can be integrated.


  • A fully free standing aisle containment system
  • Offers pay-as-you-grow options for separating hot and cold air flows in an energy efficient manner
  • Can be used to create closed aisles independently from the IT racks
  • Provides the same energy efficiency immediately upon implementation as a standard Cold Corridor system with IT racks
  • Different types and sizes of racks can be adapted to the design
    Ideal for retrofit situations

Download the new Minkels Free Standing Cold Corridor brochure.

Download the technical datasheet of the Free Standing Cold Corridor.


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