TODAY  vrijdag 24 maart 2017


The heat densities in data centres are rapidly increasing. This requires adaptation of the cooling
strategy. In a traditional design, mixture of hot and cold air can occur which decreases the system’s
efficiency. Total separation of hot and cold air can drastically improve the system’s efficiency.
VariCondition-HD combines this separation of hot and cold air with a precise control strategy.




The control strategy of VariCondition-HD draws the exact amount of cold air required from the raised floor, through the servers. The pressure under the raised floor can be controlled by the floor valve and the integration of the CRAC Fan control.

- Comfortable working environment;
- Cooling up to 24 kW per rack;
- Cooling capacity is continuously variable between 1 and 24 KW per rack;
- Cost savings through energy efficiency;
- Better usage of your data center’s infrastructure.





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