TODAY  woensdag 29 maart 2017

THE LEGRAND GROUP - Powered by experts


The Legrand Group is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, with more than half of its activity in the commercial and industrial fields. In response to major market developments, the Group is continuing to strengthen its position in
up-and-coming, ambitious markets.

Within a context of increasing globalisation, in which projects are more and more complex, the support of a knowledgeable, reliable partner is essential: it is the real key to success!

Choosing Legrand gives you the assurance of global expertise thanks to:

  • innovative applications and a huge range of products enabling you to build solutions then configure systems which incorporate the latest technological advances
  • generalist (Legrand, Bticino…) and specialised (Minkels, Cablofil, Zucchini, Estap, Alpes Technologies…) brands who will help you set up your project, from its design through to its final implementation.



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