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Server, Patch and Co-location racks
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Power distribution
Switching & routing racks

Minkels switching & routing racks are ideal for housing high-end switching & routing equipment (e.g. Cisco 6500 & 7000 series). The racks combine the most optimal cooling performance with the ability of high density cabling.


Color: RAL 9011 (black) & RAL 7047 (light grey)

1000 & 1200mm deep

High Static Load: 1500 kg

Cooling integration

Rack cooling strategy is front to back. Air flow inside the rack is managed to support required air flows in and around the switching and routing equipment without interfering with the network cabling.

Cable Management

Cable Tray (300mm) for vertical cable management in front of the rack (1000mm wide rack only)

Shunting eyes for vertical cable management in front of the rack (800mm wide rack only)


Side panels are supplied standardly (left & right)

Racks are fully grounded

Integration with other Minkels products:

VariCondition - Row Based Cooling

Next Generation Cold Corridor

VariconPower PDU's


Housing of high-end switching & routing equipment

CodeUnit (U)Height (mm)Width (mm)Depth (mm)Colour19" - dist. front (mm)
MRS2080104120008001000RAL 7047300
MRS208010B4120008001000RAL 9011300
MRS2280104622008001000RAL 7047300
MRS228010B4622008001000RAL 9011300
MRS2480105024008001000RAL 7047300
MRS248010B5024008001000RAL 9011300
MRS2080124120008001200RAL 7047300
MRS208012B4120008001200RAL 9011300
MRS2280124622008001200RAL 7047300
MRS228012B4622008001200RAL 9011300
MRS2480125024008001200RAL 7047300
MRS248012B5024008001200RAL 9011300
MRS20101241200010001200RAL 7047350
MRS201012B41200010001200RAL 9011350
MRS22101246220010001200RAL 7047350
MRS221012B46220010001200RAL 9011350
MRS24101250240010001200RAL 7047350
MRS241012B50240010001200RAL 9011350