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VariControl-L: Rack Access Control - with keypad swivel handle

Both the HID-Direct and the HID-485 handle can be supplied with an integrated keypad. The keypad with number code can provide additional functionality to the HID handle in two different ways. It can generate a code, so that the administrator has access to all the racks with the same code at all times for example, and where users gain access with an HID proximity card. It can also be used as a second level of security, whereby the user must have a code and the HID proximity card to gain access to the rack.

MEL4111Single door12U / 16U / Co-Location cabinets 4 sectionsHID-Direct
MEL4112Single door21U / 25U / Co-Location cabinets 2 sectionsHID-Direct
MEL4113Single door37U / 41U / 46U / 50UHID-Direct
MEL4114Double door41UHID-Direct
MEL4115Double door46UHID-Direct
MEL4211Single door12U / 16U / Co-Location cabinets 4 sectionsHID-485
MEL4212Single door21U / 25U / Co-Location cabinets 2 sectionsHID-485
MEL4213Single door37U / 41U / 46U / 50UHID-485
MEL4214Double door41UHID-485
MEL4215Double door46UHID-485
MEL4116Double door50UHID-Direct
MEL4216Double door50UHID-485