TODAY  vrijdag 24 maart 2017

Minkels Next Generation Cold Corridor

Takes modular thinking in energy-efficient data centre design to a new level



In 2006, Minkels became the first data centre supplier in Europe to commercially launch Cold Corridor® solutions, in order to separate data centre airflows in an energy-efficient manner. Today, data centre users worldwide have a need for extraordinarily high levels of flexibility in Cold Corridor implementations.

Minkels’ Next Generation Cold Corridor is the ultimate modular solution to meet your flexible and dynamic data centre construction requirements.


• Modular options based on client best practices
• Ultimate modularity construction details = ease of installation
• R&D based airflow optimization
• Wide choice of security options and (automatic) door systems
• Plug & play integration of measuring sensors
• Adaptable to all kinds of fire suppression systems
• New roof panel design = high level of light transmission

Download here the Minkels Next Generation Cold Corridor brochure.





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