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Integration rack

Minkels Integration Racks are ideal for prefabrication of the ITequipment. The system allows IT-equipment to be built-in, cabled and tested before it's being shipped to the customer location. Using the Minkels integration rack reduces on-site installation time significantly.


Colour: RAL 9011 (black)

High Dynamic load: 1000 kg

High Static Load: 1500 kg

Heavy Duty casters for transportation

Heavy Duty 19"-interior, adjustable and including number strips.

Support open en closed loop cooling

Open loop configurations: Front and back door are equipped with 80% perforated doors and swivel handles

Closed loop configuration: Front and back door are equipped with glass doors and swivel handles

Cable Management

Cable Trays (2 x 200 mm wide) for vertical cable management.

Compatible with standard cable ducts

Airflow Management

Side Skirt with 3 x Ø60 mm cutouts (both sides)


Side panels are supplied as an accessory

Racks are fully grounded

Integration with other Minkels products

VariCondition - Row Based Cooling

Next Generation Cold Corridor

VariconPower PDU's


800 mm integration rack for prefabrication of IT-equipment

  • Width (mm) = 800
  • 19" - pitch (mm) = 740
CodeHeight (mm)Unit (U)Depth (mm)Airflow19" - dist. front (mm)
MIR208010-01CB2000411000Open loop62,5
MIR228010-01CB2200461000Open loop62,5
MIR208010-02CB2000411000Open loop150
MIR228010-02CB2200461000Open loop150
MIR208012-01CB2000411200Open loop62,5
MIR228012-01CB2200461200Open loop62,5
MIR208012-02CB2000411200Open loop150
MIR228012-02CB2200461200Open loop150
MIR208012-03CB2000411200Closed loop250
MIR228012-03CB2200461200Closed loop250