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The development of IT-technology goes fast, a flexible, future proof concept is therefore essential. The Varicon-LANRack is specifically designed to meet these needs and distinguishes itself by versatility, ease of installation and ease of use. The Varicon-LANRack can be delivered within 24 hour.

Versatile solution

The Varicon-LANRack is a multifunctional system, specifically designed for ease of installation. The system is ultimately suitable for housing UTP-patch panels, glass drawers, telephone panels, switches, routers and other IT equipment. Of course it is also possible to include a small number of servers.

Ease of installation

Accessibility is a key feature for the new Varicon-LANRack. The basic frame is constructed in such way that the cable bundles can be placed around it. Afterwards the cables can be installed in the rack fast and easy. Finally the doors and side panels can be placed on the frame. These features lead to a considerable reduction in installation time! A complete overview of the installation steps you can find here.

Eease of use

For more user comfort, the Varicon-LANRack basicframe and the panels are delivered as a handy and compact parcel. Therefore the system can be transported very easily. After the cabling is installed, the panels can be fixed easily by one mechanic. Only a minimal number of tools are required for the assembly.


Various basic configurations result in an optimum solution for each situation. The portfolio exists of open racks which can be bayed, stand -alone racks and baying racks. The Varicon-LANRacks can be clustered with the Minkels-Varicon M® system also. Besides the basic configurations you can choose from many of our accessories.

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