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Metered Rack PDU

The Metered PDU is a product version that has all the options of a Basic PDU. On top of that it has a display built in, with which it is possible to read out live the inlet current of a server rack. This product version doesn't have the full range of intelligent functionalities. For example, a Metered PDU will provide a snapshot and not an overview over time. Also, it is not possible with this version to have remote access and proactively manage the PDU.

Metered PDU's however could be part of a first step in the creation of (energy) efficiency awareness within an organization and the need for an energy efficient server room design. As with the other product versions customization is always an option.

  • Input connector = CEE
  • Rack position = Vertical
CodeOutletsTechnical details
MPS5115C13 (18), C19 (4)Single-phase, 16 amp - Ampère meter
MPS7104C13 (20), C19 (4)Single-phase, 32 amp - 2x MCB (16A per branch), Ampère meter
MPS8101C13 (18), C19 (6)Three-phase, 16 amp - Ampère meter
MPS9102C13 (24), C19 (6)Three-phase, 32 amp - 6x MCB (2 per phase, 16A per branch), Ampère meter - limited to 46U and higher racks

What's in a box?

1 power strip, 2 mounting sets, cable length 3m.