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21-02-2017  Minkels receives FM Approval certification for Drop Away Panels
Minkels has recently extended its data centre product portfolio with Drop Away Panels. Meanwhile, these panels have been ‘FM Approved’ (in class 4651 - Suspended Plastic Ceilings) by FM Approvals, the testing arm of international insurance carrier FM Global. Minkels is the only data centre provider in Europe that has received FM Approval in this class.

18-01-2017  Minkels offers more guidelines for the implementation of sprinkler and water mist systems in data centres
Installing sprinkler and water mist systems is a requirement in many data centres nowadays. But issues can arise in combination with aisle containment, both in the design and in the installation. Minkels has addressed these issues in an update of its white paper 05 ‘Integration of Aisle Containment with Fire Suppression Systems’.

06-01-2017  What’s happening in the data centre market?
The role of data centres is quickly changing, driven by the cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), Big data and IT cost reduction. Setting up a future-proof data centre is a challenge that requires a clear vision of the data centre market. But what is happening in this dynamic sector?

09-11-2016  Minkels announces expansion of micro data centre portfolio
Minkels recently introduced its first micro data centre, the MatrixCube. After this successful introduction Minkels now announces a second, even more compact micro datacentre for the first quarter of 2017: the MiniCube.

25-10-2016  MainOne chooses Minkels to enhance position in West-African data centre market
Minkels has been chosen as data centre supplier for premier West African connectivity and data centre solutions company, MainOne. MainOne blazed a trail in Africa with its undersea fibre optic cable connecting West Africa to Europe and the construction of West Africa’s largest commercial Tier III+ data centre, MDXi.

28-09-2016  Global presence, local excellence: Minkels’ strategy is getting results
Minkels has adopted a strategy of ‘global presence, local excellence’. The market is increasingly keen on the worldwide presence of Minkels – and therefore on the same level of quality and availability of its products as well. This strategy is now starting to get results.

27-09-2016  We are proud to present the new edition of Minkels Magazine with a fresh look & feel and full of compelling customer case studies.

12-07-2016  Minkels launches safety-enhancing LED Tubes for aisle containment
In order to ensure a safer and healthier working environment within data centres, Minkels now offers energy efficient and flexible-to-install LED Tubes, which are optimized for aisle containment infrastructure. The high-luminosity feature of Minkels LED Tubes allows for greatly improved visibility thus safety inside data centres.

29-06-2016  Data centre supplier Minkels signs EMEA channel partner agreement with ICTroom
Minkels has signed a Solution Partner Agreement for EMEA with channel partner ICTroom – a data centre integrator with offices located throughout Europe. The Solution Partnership is aimed at further enhancing the cooperation between Minkels and ICTroom, to offer customers ultimate deployment flexibility required for setting up future-proof data centres.

14-06-2016  Minkels extends data centre security portfolio with Drop Away Panels
Minkels announces an extension to its data centre security portfolio with the launch of its Drop Away Panels. With this product portfolio expansion, Minkels is responding to the worldwide increased demand for security and safety solutions in data centres. Drop Away Panels are specifically designed roof panels for data centre aisle containment to enhance fire safety within data centre environments.

24-05-2016  Minkels launches its MatrixCube mini data centre solution in Europe
After the successful initial launch of the MatrixCube in Belgium this past year, Minkels will now extend this offering to the Netherlands as well. The Dutch market launch will then be followed by other countries like Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom and global export regions. The European launch will be accompanied by Minkels’ presentations of the MatrixCube at the Kannegieter Knowledge Market (24 and 25 May, Amersfoort, the Netherlands) and Infosecurity (15 and 16 June 2016, Brussels, Belgium).

20-04-2016  Minkels Magazine 2016-1
Minkels Magazine is once again filled with inspiring articles. This time, interviews with ESI Group, Equinix, 23media, Cegeka and ICTroom. Christiaan van Terheijden – CEO of Minkels – also speaks out about the shift in data centre infrastructure demand, caused by the cloud.

29-03-2016  Minkels, Ortronics and Legrand present integrated data centre solution at Data Centre World
Minkels will be drawing visitors to Data Centre World (DCW) into the world of total data centre solutions. Together with parent company Legrand and sister company Ortronics, Minkels will be presenting their "one-stop-shop" data centre infrastructure concept on 12 and 13 April in London. A range of on-stand presentations will provide visitors with a good impression of current developments and emerging possibilities in data centres, in both the white space and the technical space.

15-03-2016  Minkels releases ROI Calculation Tool on data centre aisle containment, proving energy reduction of at least 30%
Minkels releases a white paper on ROI calculation for investments in aisle containment – for enhanced energy efficiency. The new Minkels white paper provides a well-substantiated calculation model and all the parameters required to calculate achievable returns of aisle containment investments.

05-01-2016  Minkels joins The Node Pole Alliance
Minkels is now a member of The Node Pole Alliance, an International network of +50 leading technology and construction partners that guarantee ability and capacity to deliver in the region.

  “Increased Cloud Adoption Strengthens the Need for a Modular Approach in Data Centers”.
During IP Expo Europe, data center supplier Minkels will share its cloud market vision

27-05-2015  Frost & Sullivan Honors Minkels for its Free Standing Cold Corridor, a Groundbreaking Racks and Cabinet Solution for the European Market

10-3-2015  Minkels shows ultimate modularity during Data Centre World, 11-12 March 2015 ExCel London, stand D65
Data growth and cloud have increased the dynamics in the data centre environment, which demands flexibility and resilience from the infrastructure. Minkels’ answer: Ultimate modular solutions!

02-02-2015  The datacentre manufacturer Minkels has appointed Christiaan van Terheijden as its new CEO
Veghel, Netherlands, 2 February 2015 - Minkels, a worldwide supplier of datacentre solutions and part of the quoted company Legrand (Euronext Paris: LR), has appointed Christiaan van Terheijden (38) as the company's new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

24-02-2014  Minkels Launches Busbar Systems With Smart Tap-off Boxes.
Minkels’ modular power distribution offers flexibility due to close integration with its award-winning Cold Corridors.

12-12-2013  Minkels launches its UPS system internationally after R&D tests in a cold corridor setting
The Minkels UPS System, which offers modularly structured power capacity from 20 to 120 kVA and is intended for small and medium-sized server rooms, was originally developed by Minkels’ parent organization Legrand under the name Archimod UPS System.

01-04-2013  Minkels launches the Next Generation Cold Corridor®.
A modular and thus highly flexible aisle containment solution that separates hot and cold airflows in an energy-efficient manner. Furthermore, the integration of customer experiences results in an extensive option package of modular functionalities.

22-05-2012  Airflow Management Is The Next Step Towards Energy Efficient Data Centres.
Minkels Releases Whitepaper On 'Rack Airflow Optimisation'

23-02-2012  Association between Legrand and Aegide Group strengthens both groups.
Legrand announced today the acquisition of the Aegide Group, and its Minkels, Cortexon, Vaultex and dcs businesses.

13-12-2011  Minkels launches VariconPower server room rack pdu's.
Complete line of new Minkels products is next smart step towards energy-efficient server rooms.

22-11-2011  Minkels makes move into USA.
Data centre supplier Minkels has on 1 November 2011 opened a sales agency in the United States." The ongoing internationalisation of the data centre market has driven our decision to make the physical step from Europe to the North American market,” says Jeroen Hol, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Minkels.

03-11-2011  Minkels launches Varicondition-DX: cooling for SME server rooms.
This modular and scalable data centre air cooling solution is particularly suitable for small-scale server rooms. Minkels Varicondition-DX is an energy-efficient solution which can cool power capacities ranging from 2.5 to 22.5 kW. The product is a sound alternative to costly water cooling solutions, which are often not technically and/or financially feasible for small server rooms. Minkels Varicondition-DX was designed specifically for the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector and larger organisations with local departments which have their own server rooms.

8 November 2010  Minkels wins Brabantse Economieprijs 2010
Minkels has won the Brabantse Economieprijs 2010. This prize, which is awarded once every three years, was set up by the Province of Noord-Brabant with the intention of applauding the efforts of successful companies that dare to invest in innovation and innovative products, thereby providing dynamism and economic growth.

31-05-2009  Minkels expands product portfolio and introduces 2 new brands VARICONTROL™ and VARICONDITION™.
The Minkels product portfolio was expanded significantly in the past years with cooling solutions and infrastructure management solutions. This is the reason for the introduction of 2 new brands: VARICONTROL –monitoring solutions- and VARICONDITION –cooling solutions-.

4 February 2009  Aegide embraces the Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency.
The Aegide Group, parent company of Vaultex, Minkels and DCS, drafted the forms for companies wishing to endorse the Code of Conduct.

19 November 2008  EU Code of Conduct paves way for significant energy savings in Data Centres.
The key aim of the Code of Conduct is "to inform and stimulate Data Centre operators to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the critical function of the facility".


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