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Server, Patch and Co-location racks
Wall enclosures
Monitoring & Security
Power distribution
Plinths 100mm front/rear

Plinths are available in a perforated and blank version. The ventilated plinth is used to create an optimal airflow in the cabinet. To prevent dust, an optional filter set can be used. The filter set also fits the 100mm side plinths. Plinths are secured to the base legs with screws.

CodeWidth (mm)typeColour
MSM2101600BlankRAL 7047
MSM2201800BlankRAL 7047
MSM2102600PerforatedRAL 7047
MSM2202800PerforatedRAL 7047
MSM2301600Filter set
MSM2302800Filter set
MSM2101B600BlankRAL 9011
MSM2102B600PerforatedRAL 9011
MSM2201B800BlankRAL 9011
MSM2202B800PerforatedRAL 9011

What's in a box?

1 plinth incl. fasteners