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Server, Patch and Co-location racks
Wall enclosures
Monitoring & Security
Power distribution
Plinths 25mm front/rear

Plinths are available in a perforated or blank version. Ventilated front/rear plinth with a height of 25 mm create an optimal airflow in the cabinet. Plinths are secured to the base by means of a 'click'-system and cover the adjustable feet.

CodeWidth (mm)typeColour
MSM1101600BlankRAL 7047
MSM1102600PerforatedRAL 7047
MSM1201800BlankRAL 7047
MSM1202800PerforatedRAL 7047
MSM1101B600BlankRAL 9011
MSM1102B600PerforatedRAL 9011
MSM1201B800BlankRAL 9011
MSM1202B800PerforatedRAL 9011

What's in a box?

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