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Power strips aluminium IEC-320 - 1 Phase, up to 16A

The IEC-320 power strip has C13 output connectors (optional 10 ampere fused). 3 Meter cable length with C14 or CEE form (230V-16A) connector is included.

CodeOutletsInput connectorRack positionTechnical details
MPS5002C13 (12)C14Vertical1x fine fuse (max. 10A)
MPS5003C13 (16)C14Vertical1x fine fuse (max. 10A)
MPS5004C13 (8)C1419-inch (1U) and vertical1x fine fuse (max. 10A)
MPS5013C13 (18)CEEVertical
MPS5014C13 (12)CEE19-inch (1U) and vertical
MPS5015C13 (18), C19 (4)CEEVertical

What's in a box?

1 power strip, 2 mounting sets, cable length 3m.