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Server racks 600 mm wide

The 600 mm wide server racks are supplied in two version, as stand-alone racks or as baying rack. The stand alone version is equipped with two (removable) side panels whereas the baying version is standardly supplied with baying kits.


  • Colour: RAL 9011 (black) en RAL 7047 (light grey).

  • Frame: Aluminium, demountable. Load Capacity 1500 kg (static). Base size 600 x 1000 mm

  • Doors: 80% perforated front and back doors. Doors are right hung and fitted with a Fix-easy swivel handle with an EK-333 cylinder lock.

  • Roof: 3 cut outs with 2 blind plates and 1 cable entry brush

  • Interior: The rack is equipped with 4 x 19"-profiles including height(U) indication. The distance to the rack front is set to 80 mm, the pitch to 740 mm.

  • Accessories: The racks are supplied with 20 cage nuts and screws.


  • Compact server rack with a high load-bearing capacity on a small footprint.

  • Width (mm) = 600
  • Depth (mm) = 1000
  • Door front and rear side = 80% perforated
CodeUnit (U)Height (mm)ColourDescription
VME206010CB412000RAL 9011Baying type incl. baying kit
VME206010SB412000RAL 9011Stand-alone incl. side panels
VME226010SB462200RAL 9011Stand-alone incl. side panels
VME226010CB462200RAL 9011Baying type incl. baying kit
VME226010S462200RAL 7047Stand-alone incl. side panels
VME226010C462200RAL 7047Baying type incl. baying kit
VME206010S412000RAL 7047Stand-alone incl. side panels
VME206010C412000RAL 7047Baying type incl. baying kit
VME246010S502400RAL 7047Stand-alone incl. side panels
VME246010C502400RAL 7047Baying type incl. baying kit
VME246010SB502400RAL 9011Stand-alone incl. side panels
VME246010CB502400RAL 9011Baying type incl. baying kit