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Some switching and routing equipment has a different airflow than the
usual front to back cooling. If such a switch is included in a Cold Corridor®
set-up, you must prevent the equipment from drawing in insufficient cold
air, recirculating air internally, or allowing one switch to blow hot air into
the vent of another switch. Besides the airflow and cooling, you must also
consider the number of cables and any hot-swappable exchanges of fans
and power modules. Minkels has developed special Switching & Routing racks that provide enough space for the network cables and airflow that flows from right to left.

The racks have been especially designed to hold a lot of cables, which can be routed either from the top or from the bottom of the rack. PDUs are also easy to install.

Proper equipment cooling
The products and racks keep the equipment properly cooled.

Integration capability
The products can be integrated with Minkels racks. The switching and routing racks can then be easily installed in a Cold Corridor or a Hot Corridor environment.

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