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Switching & routing inlet duct

For the 1U and 2U switches Minkels developed an inlet duct. The equipment will be installed at the rear of the rack and will get the cold air from the front of the rack (Cold Aisle). This makes it possible that the cables will be at the rear of the rack and the product will get enough cold air to be cooled down.

Installation in the rack is easy.

The 1U version can be extended from 210 until 300 mm.

The 2U version can be extended from 350 until 500 mm.

  • Airflow equipment = Back to front
  • Width 19-inch = yes
CodeVariable depthUnit (U)
MRS0001210 - 300mm1
MRS0002350 - 500mm2

What's in a box?

Inlet duct including mounting material