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Top mounting brackets incl. 19-inch profiles

A set of 2 19-inch profiles and 2 top mounting brackets. The top mounting brackets guarantee optimal cable entry from the top. The set is suitable for cabinets 800mm wide. When ordering this set, you should also order a set of two deep posts for the lower frame.

Material 19-inch profiles: Aluminium

Finishing 19-inch profiles: Chrome plated

Material top mounting brackets: Steel

Finishing top mounting brackets: Blue passivated

CodeHeight (mm)Description
MPR070641Flat profiles
MPR070746Flat profiles
MPR070425Flat profiles
MPR070537Flat profiles
MPR0900Set with 4 top mounting brackets
MPR070850Flat profiles

What's in a box?

2 profiles incl. 2 top mounting brackets and mounting material