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Varicon-wall enclosures


The era of labour-intensive installation of your wall enclosure is history! Varicon Wall-mounted Enclosures (MWE) are developed to install and manage inside premises LAN/ICTnetworks as fast, efficient and as tidy and possible. MWE can be installed very quickly by one engineer without assistance.

More information about the MWE products can be found here.


The compact Duopac wall enclosure can be used wall-mounted or as stand-alone. With its limited height, it can be placed on top or under a desk. Removable side panels make the Duopac very accessible and easy to cable. Duopac system are ideally suited for housing small networks or decentralised network Systems.

More information about the Duopac products can be found here.


The Tripac housing system is a wall enclosure comprising three parts for optimum accessibility. The door is hinged, as is the central section to allow full accessibility when fully open. Tripac is a multifunctional space-saving system for housing network components such as cabling, patch panels, hubs and switches. A standard Tripac enclosure has an IP54 protection class.

More information about the Tripac products can be found here.




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