Datacenter Forum - Baden

Baden - Switzerland

High demands on cabling, network quality, fire safety, air-conditioning, power distribution and software networking in the datacenter are the core issues. Take advantage of the opportunity to get first-hand information from market-leading expert information and exchange during the breaks and exhibition.

First-hand information

Don’t miss the presentation of Niek van der Pas - Lead Data Center Expert at Minkels about how to design and operate a data centre using the EN 50600 Standard!

What is it about?

More and more data centre owners and ICT managers use the EN 50600 for setting up data centres and server rooms. The standard not only provides insight into the design process – from strategy determination to operation – but also into KPIs, best practices and data centre operations. The effective use of the EN 50600, to design an energy-efficient data centre, remains a challenge for many data centre owners and ICT managers though. This presentation is intended to understand the usability of the standard.

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