Active cooling

Minkels offers a complete portfolio of active cooling solutions. This means, the solutions contain active components (like airconditioning, fans, etc).


The portfolio includes active cooling equipment based on H2O (water) and DX (refrigerant). These products are typically placed as frames between the 19-inch racks, this is referred to as "row based cooling". 



VariCondition-DX is the modular cooling solution for small server rooms. It is an easily installed, energy-efficient cooling solution. The product was designed to provide professional and reliable cooling of your IT-equipment.



VariCondition-H2O is the modular cooling solution for medium to large server rooms. It is an easily installed, energy-efficient cooling solution. The product was designed to provide professional and reliable cooling of your IT-equipment.


Dummy Coolers

Dummy cooler can be used for space claiming on positions which are not yet occupied with an active cooler (for future expansion). The dummy coolers have the same look-and-feel as a real active cooler and provide the same integration possibilites


Why row based cooling?

Row based cooling has taken off immensely in server rooms and data centres in the past years, as there are a number of fundamental advantages to this type of cooling as opposed to traditional cooling using a raised floor and air conditioning units (CRACs).

  • The IT-equipment (heat source) and cooling installations are situated much closer together. This shortens the cooling air distribution paths considerably, resulting in a much lower energy use in the fans.

  • The cooling air is better distributed in the to be cooled volume. This leads to a higher reliability of the cooling installation and a lower chance of hotspot development.

  • Scalability/expandability. As the necessary cooling volume grows, the cooling installation too can easily expand. In this way, an investment is only needed when the actual cooling demand increases.

  • Compact construction as a raised floor is not necessary.

  • Row based cooling also offers new possibilities in existing situations. Such a situation could be the construction of high density zones in a data centre designed for a low density application. Many (older) data centres conclude that the existing cooling installation is not suitable for use with the latest generation of IT-equipment. Of course, this is inextricably tied to the quickly increasing energy use per rack. 

Active cooling products:


VariCondition - DX

Row based DX cooling solutions

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VariCondition - H2O

Row based H2O solutions

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Dummy Coolers

Dummy Coolers for temporary occupation of expansion positions

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VariCondition filler for top of unit

The VariCondition fillers are used in combination with the dummy coolers or row-based coolers and are equipped with a cutout for cables.

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VariCondition H2O-324 bottom filler

If you wish to connect your row-based cooler to a Varicon-M rack with an elevated plinth, you can use the below fillers to fill the bottom of the unit.

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