VariCondition - DX

VariCondition-DX is the modular cooling solution for small server rooms. It is an easily installed, energy-efficient cooling solution. The product was designed to provide professional and reliable cooling of your IT-equipment. Because of precision cooling, it is a much better alternative than traditional comfort cooling. VariCondition-DX was designed for both smaller businesses and larger organisations with decentralised server rooms and SER’s. This cooling solution can be placed in-between the 19-inch racks. This can be realised in many ways. The cooling air is directly guided to your valuable IT-equipment. It is not necessary to install a raised floor.


The VariCondition-DX is offered with 4,5 – 8 – 11 – 14 – 22 kW cooling capacity.


The advantages of VariCondition-DX

  • Precise air conditioning
  • Scalable capacity
  • Raised floors not required
  • Can be integrated perfectly in rack rows, cold and hot aisle containments
  • Can deal with all usual airflow patterns


The VariCondition-DX system consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit is placed inside the server room and linked to the outdoor unit using specialised cooling pipework. These pipes can be fitted to the indoor unit both on the top and bottom. This ensures high flexibility in the design of a room. The system can be applied in three different ways: closed loop, open loop and hybrid loop.


VariCondition outdoor unit

The compact VariCondition-DX outdoor unit uses an energy-efficient invertercontrolled compressor. The inverter compressor has a low inrush current which means you do not experience a peak demand on the network. The energy-efficient compressor adapts its frequency and thus the cooling capacity continuously, based on the actually required cooling capacity. This makes this solution much more efficient and ensures that there are no temperature fluctuations in your server room. Additionally, the VariCondition-DX outdoor unit makes use of the energy-efficient refrigerant R410A. 


Closed loop solution

In a closed loop solution, the indoor unit’s airflows are directly guided into the adjacent 19-inch racks. During this process, the indoor unit extracts the hot air directly from the IT-equipment and, as cold air, guides this back to the front. No exchange of air in the room in which the setup is located takes place. The system enables you to divide the cooling capacity over several racks. 

Open loop solution

In an open loop solution, the cooling air is brought directly into the room outside of the racks. The module extracts the hot air from the room (warm corridor) and, as cold air, guides this back to the front (cold corridor) of the cabinet. For an optimal result, it is advisable to apply the Minkels aisle containment system when using an open loop solution.



Hybrid 'Cold' loop solution

This solution is a combination of a closed and an open loop solution. The hot air is extracted from the cabinet in the same way as in a closed loop solution, so directly from the back of the rack. This hot air is cooled in the DX-module and presented at the front of the racks in the same way as in an open loop solution. In this configuration, too, the application of a Minkels aisle containment will lead to savings. In addition, it is possible to fully reverse the airflows. This will lead to a hybrid ‘hot’ loop solution.