VariCondition - H2O

Minkels offers a complete ‘row-based cooling’ portfolio. These ‘row-based’ cooling units are placed between the 19-inch (server) racks and offer cooling power in a very efficient and flexible manner. Supplemented by the total Minkels portfolio, a state-of-the-art total solution emerges. 


Minkels distinguishes between the following products: 

  • VariCondition H2O–316
  • VariCondition H2O–324
  • VariCondition H2O–650


VariCondition H2O–316

The VariCondition H2O–316 has a cooling capacity of 16 kW (TW,in = 12°C , TW,out = 18°C. TL,Return = 35°C, 30% RV). These products are typically used in small and medium sized server rooms. This provides customers with a reliable IT-cooling solution at an attractive investment cost.


Benefits H2O 316

  • Product-specifically designed for the cooling of IT-equipment
  • Favourable price performance
  • A solution for every situation or capacity
  • Compact construction which allows for use without a raised floor


VariCondition H2O–324

The VariCondition H2O–324 has a cooling capacity of 24 kW (TW,in = 12°C, TW,out = 18°C. TL,Return = 40°C, 20% RV). This product was designed for use in medium-sized to large server rooms and small data centres. Extra robustness and redundancy has been incorporated into the design. For example, it is possible to switch a controller which is in use without any loss of functionality and an extra fan has been added (n+1) to ensure the flow of air. Special attention has been paid to energy savings, which is why the VariCondition H2 O-324 has a very good ROI.


Benefits H2O-324

  • An energy efficient product through use of an EC fan with good ROI
  • Very high reliability and extra built-in redundancy
  • Is delivered as a flat-pack and constructed between the 19-inch racks
  • Suited for use in difficult-to-reach spaces
  • Independent of each other, the fans can assume a variable speed 


VariCondition H2O–650

The VariCondition H2O-650 has a cooling capacity of 50kW (H2 O–650: TW,in = 12°C , TW,out = 18°C. TL,Return = 40°C, 20% RV). Because of the still increasing energy density per rack, Minkels has chosen to offer a 50kW capacity on the footprint of a server rack. This makes the VariCondition H2 O-650 suitable for larger server rooms and data centres. Because of its standard dimensions, this product is also suited to supporting local energy density (high density zones) in existing data centres.


Benefits H2O-650

  • High capacity in a small footprint
  • Dimensions are identical to that of a server rack
  • Lay-out of the room does not need to be adapted specifically to fit the cooling equipment
  • 3-phase power supply to simplify electric balancing in the power network
  • Possibility for applying moistening
  • Possibility for measuring/displaying the actual supplied cooling capacity
  • Independent of each other, the fans can assume a variable speed