Drop Away Panels (FM Approved)

Drop Away Panels ensure the seamless integration of aisle containment solutions with sprinkler or water mist systems. In the case of a fire in the data centre, the plastic Drop Away Panels automatically soften and fall down so that they do not form an obstruction when sprinklers are activated. The system is specifically designed for use with sprinkler installations which activate at 74 degrees Celsius and upwards.  

General specifications 
Width1200 mm
Item codelengthColourDescription
MCS2212244000 mmRAL 7047FM approval
MCS221224B4000 mmRAL 9011FM approval
MCS2212266000 mmRAL 7047FM approval
MCS221226B6000 mmRAL 9011FM approval
MCS2212288000 mmRAL 7047FM approval
MCS221228B8000 mmRAL 9011FM approval
MCS2212299600 mmRAL 7047FM approval
MCS221229B9600 mmRAL 9011FM approval