LCS3 Open Rack and accessories

The Open Rack is designed to provide the greatest in cable management flexibility and efficiency. Honeycomb cutout sidewall allow for infinite cable pathways. The universal 3/8" square hole punch enables mounting of all standatd cage nuts and OEM quick mount slides and rails. This creates the industries most versatile equipment rack system.

• Patented channel construction: protects the performance of horizontal cabling, hex pattern on rack channels simplifies cabling

• Honeycomb side rail maximize airflow when combined with baffles

• EIA hole pattern front and rear channels: support equipment shelves and heavy equipment front and rear.

• Universal 3/8" punched square holes enable mixed equipment mounting and use of cage nuts

• High density rack solution: 7' MM20 supports 45RU

• Easy to assembly: kit includes many time and cost saving features

Item codeDescription
446150Open rack, 45U, 19-inch
446152Cable duct with door
446154Hexagonal cable throughs (set of 6)
446155Bend limiting clips (set of 12)
446156Cable management spools (set of 4)
446157Cable management rings
446158Cable duct mounting brackets (top of rack Cablofil)
446159Horizontal cable manager
446160Overhead Cable Pathway, 5 U, 19"