MCS - Co-location Cabinets

Minkels’ compartmentalised co-location racks are ideal for combining multiple end customers in one rack while keeping them safely separated. We offer a choice between a twice and four times compartmentalised rack. For the latter, each compartment has a height of 10 HE. The twice compartmentalised rack has a compartment height of 20 HE. The compartments are fully separated by a fixed plateau and all have separate and protected data and power cable trays. If the data centre owner no longer has need of separated compartments, the co-location rack can be converted to a rack without compartments. The colocation rack can also be converted from a twice compartmentalised rack into a four times compartmentalised rack and the other way around. An extra 2 HE compartment for the data centre owner in which e.g. monitoring solutions and power strips can be installed is also a possibility. 



Minkels’ co-location racks can be fitted with several accessories:

  • Brushes cover the cable entry and thus prevent air leaking out.
  • Set of extra 19-inch 2HE profiles, suitable for installation in the management compartment on the top and bottom side of the co-location racks.