MatrixCube, Turnkey, cost-efficient, professional IT infrastructure


A reliable IT environment is an increasingly important and critical part of a company, essential or continued operation and successful business. In order to help companies create that reliable IT environment, Minkels and Legrand have developed the MatrixCube. A simple, turnkey, cost-efficient solution for small and medium-sized companies. The MatrixCube will relieve IT managers of their IT infrastructure concerns.


Advantages of the MatrixCube

  • Reliable and cost-efficient server room solution.
  • Building independent, thus easy to deploy.
  • Energy-efficient housing for your IT infrastructure.
  • Use of proven technologies.
  • Turnkey solution, including installation and putting into operation.
  • Customer-specific modifications are possible. 


Would you like to see how it works? Watch our Matrixcube animation


The basic configuration can be ordered with just one item number and always consists of the following components


Minkels and Legrand have combined power distribution, cooling, housing and mechanical infrastructure to create an all-in-one solution. This makes the MatrixCube a complete and compact server room. The MatrixCube does not depend on the room where it is located and can be implemented in almost any room in a company. No drastic alterations are needed to the building. Your exact needs are determined through consultation, after which the MatrixCube is assembled into the solution that meets your needs.


How does it work?

The MatrixCube has been developed with simplicity, reliability and (cost-)efficiency in mind. The solution is so easy that you can order the basic configuration with just one item number. Of course, there are a number of options and accessories available to expand the basic configuration. In all cases, simplicity of configuration and ordering come first.



Set of cable ducts for the MatrixCube

In order to optimally organize cables leading to the MatrixCube, cable ducts are available. 





MatrixCube Cable Ducts

MatrixCube Cable Duct sets

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