MatrixCube Expansion Modules

MatrixCube Expansions


The MatrixCube's basic configuration is expandable with several expansion modules


The MatrixCube has been designed with simplicity, reliability and (cost-)efficiency in mind. The solution is so easy that the basic configuration can be ordered with just one item number. Of course, there are a number of options and accessories available to expand the basic configuration. 


Expansion modules for the MatrixCube

  • An extra power distribution rack to provide a redundant power supply and UPS units.
  • An extra server rack to house more customer equipment. When ordering an extra server rack, an additional UPS is provided, which can be installed in the power distribution rack.
  • An extra VariCondition-DX cooler to provide redundant cooling.
  • Extra autonomy time for the UPS units.
Item codeDescriptionCountryColour
MXC1001NLMatrixCube NL 16 Ampère - Extra VariCondition-DX 11 kW CoolerThe NetherlandsRAL 9011
MXC1002NLMatrixCube NL 32 Ampere - Additional VariCondition-DX 22 kW CoolerThe NetherlandsRAL 9011
MXC1610NLMatrixCube NL 16 Ampere - Additional Server rack (+ UPS)The NetherlandsRAL 9011
MXC1620NLMatrixCube NL 16 Ampere - Additional Power Distribution rack (No Monitoring)The NetherlandsRAL 9011
MXC2001MatrixCube - Additional UPS set  
MXC2002MatrixCube - Extended UPS Autonomy - Battery Tray (per UPS)  
MXC3210NLMatrixCube NL 32 Ampere - Additonal Server rack (+ UPS)The NetherlandsRAL 9011
MXC3220NLMatrixCube NL 32 Ampere - Additional Power Distribution rack (no monitoring)The NetherlandsRAL 9011