Mobile Data center solutions

In today’s digital economy the availability of digital systems is of paramount importance. A good infrastructure is the essential backbone for permanent availability. Data centres are fundamental for services like cloud, mobile apps and other digital applications.

Extra data centre capacity

More and more organisations are coming to the conclusion that digital facilities are crucial for their daily operations and reflect on issues like ‘business continuity’ and ‘disaster recovery’. Existing (cloud) data centres offer data storage but in order to meet present needs for storage, there is a growing demand for additional data centre capacity on short notice. Companies show preference for modular solutions and will not accept any disturbances to their primary processes.

A complete mobile data centre solution

In order to meet these demands ENGIE and Legrand Data Center Solutions, developed a completely integrated modular mobile data centre: the ‘ENGIE Mobile Data Center – powered by Legrand’ (EMDC). In this prefab mobile data centre, cooling solutions by ENGIE Refrigeration are combined with energy-efficient solutions by Legrand Data Center Solutions for optimal yield and continuous performance. This unique, flexible infrastructure solution for data storage is available when companies are in need of extra capacity on short notice or want to keep privacy-sensitive information out of the cloud. The EMDC is a great (temporary) alternative for a traditional data centre when in the process of renovating, expanding or modernising facilities.

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