Legrand Basic PDU's

Minkels offers Legrand Basic PDU's (19-inch and zero-U). The modular and premium quality PDU's are suitable for all common data centre applications.

A number of the Legrand Basic PDU’s are offered via the Minkels standard product catalogue. (visible on the website). In order to provide our customers with maximum flexibility, the majority of the portfolio can be compiled using the configuration software.

The configuration model supports:

  • Single phase- three phase connections with colour coding per phase

  • 16 and 32A versions with pre-installed cable and hard wired version

  • Fuses and breakers

  • A choice between the most used outputs, such as SCHUKO, UTE, C13, C19, BS as well as the option of using several output types in one PDU

  • 0 U vertical assembly

The ease of installation for these innovative (19-inch) Basic PDU’s is a major advantage. If the PDU is fitted horizontally, no tools or montage materials are needed. The PDU’s are also easy to assemble vertically. In case the PDU's are installed vertically, additional mounting material

Legrand Basic PDU's products:


Legrand Basic PDU Zero-U

Basic PDU's - 0U Vertical

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Legrand Basic PDU 19-inch

Legrand basic PDU's - 19 inch

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Legrand basic PDU's - Output blocking

These innovative "outlet sealing caps" can be applied to prevent unwanted access to PDU outlets.

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MCS - Legrand Basic PDU

"Mass Customised" Legrand Basic PDU's

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Assembly bracket

A number of accessories are available for the PDU portfolio. Think of brackets for mounting 1 or 2 PDUs.

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