VARICONTROL Monitoring & Management Solutions.

Minkels Expands UK Partner Network With UPS Services Provider MPower. Minkels has added a new service partner to its UK partner network. The company, MPower, i... read on
TODAY  zondag 21 september 2014

Data Centre Solutions

Minkels is a leading European manufacturer and worldwide supplier of sustainable data centre and server room solutions. Innovation and flexibility are key to our company. This ensures that our clients always profit by the latest data centre technologies, modular solutions fully adapted to individual and evolving needs for data centre and server room infrastructure.

Data centre housing, cooling, monitoring and power distribution

Data centre housing - Varicon®
Data centre cooling - Varicondition®
Data centre monitoring - Varicontrol®
Data centre power distribution - VariconPower®

As a solid growing company with a long history in developing and manufacturing total and partial data centre solutions, Minkels customer base includes commercial data centres, SME companies, the world’s leading Corporate enterprises and governmental organizations.


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