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VariControl-C power meter

Power measurement is an essential activity in situations where the availability of power is crucial or wherever power consumption needs to be monitored. Commonly these measurements either took place ‘upstream’ where the power enters the building or right at the end in the rack where the power is consumed. To fill the gap between ‘metering at the source’ and metering ‘near the user’ Minkels offers the VariControl-C system, to be placed inside the distribution panel. This system will provide a measurement per rack for each feed equivalent to the measurement of an inlet monitored PDU. This offers advantages over an intelligent PDU, however, through the savings achieved by installing a centralized measurement system and the capabilities of retrofitting into an existing running data centre, without a power down, through applying split core current transformers.

Current transformers

The actual sensors that measure the electricity going through a conductor are the current transformers, or CT’s. Minkels offers 2 types of CT’s: solid-core and split-core. The 3CT is based on 3 solid core CT’s on a panel. This panel can be attached to a DIN-rail bracket or fixed inside the distribution rack by alternative means. The 3 CT’s have a 18mm spacing between the heart of the CT’s which is exactly the width of a DIN-rail circuit breaker. It guarantees easy installation. The split-core CT’s are an alternative when there is absolutely no option of disconnecting the phase conductor and leading it through the 3CT. In this situation a split-core CT can be used.

                3CT solid core                                            CT Split core CT

Data bus and Gateway

The VariControl-C is 100% compatible with the Minkels data bus and gateway. This means that a VariControl-C meter can be integrated in an existing data bus topology. Just daisy-chain from a PDU to a VariControl-C or, in case of a VariControl-C-only situation, daisy-chain all VariControl-Cs and connect to the Gateway. The Gateway is an interface between the data bus and an IP network. It allows applications (like VariControl Energy Monitoring or others) to obtain data from the VariControl-C meters and process them. Alternatively one can configure the Gateway to fill a MySQL database with the data from the VariControl-C meters. Each Gateway is capable of handling up to 500 PDU’s or VariControl-C meters.

           (Mixed environment)                              VariControl-C only


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