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Whitepaper 05 - version 2
Integration of aisle containment with fire suppression systems

The aisle containment concept has been functioning since 2006 and has helped many data centres to effectively improve their energy efficiency by separating hot from cold air. Aisle containment's long track record has shown its key relevance. As experience progresses from project to project the role of the aisle containment within the IT infrastructure is increasingly better understood. Due to an industry progress, solutions are subject to continuous improvements, including the aisle containment. Whether it pertains to security aspects, improved air-flow performance, increased luminosity or self-supporting constructions, one would be amazed how a simple looking construction can cover so many aspects. One of these aspects is how to create an excellent fire safety system in combination with an aisle containment design.

Daily practice has shown that when combining aisle containment and fire detection/suppression systems, great care must be taken in the design stage to achieve both the energy gains as well as a reliable fire suppression system. A few specific combinations were not discussed with all the stakeholders from the beginning and have therefore lead to insurance approval issues. This resulted in extra pressure on the project planning.

Guidelines regarding the integration of cooling and fire safety best practices are scarce and the topics are usually considered separately. In this paper aisle containment and fire detection and suppression are brought together, showing how they interact with each other. The whitepaper concludes with four actual projects showing that when cooling and fire safety are considered together in the design phase of a project, a good integrated design can always be made.

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